Tucker and Pete

There is no doubt in my mind dogs have made me a better person. My life has been less than ideal and I could use it as an excuse to be fearful and negative. My husband, kids, and friends have seen sides of me over the years I regret. When we got our first family pet, a rescue named appropriately Larry, after The Three Stooges, I felt a change. Larry and his successor, Shelly the Pointy-Ear Princess left us since then, and now we have Tucker and Pete.

All four dogs came from rescue groups with their own issues, health or personality. All four came with love, acceptance, patience, neediness, and lessons for me to learn. I remain convinced if we’d had dogs before kids I would’ve been a different mother. When one of the furkids brings me a toy, I think of the missed opportunities with my sons when they were small. When I hadn’t learned how to be less selfish with my time and energy.

Today, days after the shootings in Las Vegas, weeks after Irma, Maria, and Harvey, Pete and Tucker tuck themselves tightly into my lap and snuggle. Dogs are intuitive. They are better barometers of our minds than we give them credit and sense bad stuff happened. They know we’re upset and being right in our faces is the best they can offer. It’s as if they’re saying “Here, human, pet me, hug me, tell me your sadness and fears. I’ll listen.”

On this rainy day in Houston, I wish you peace and comfort.


shelly 1
Shelly the Pointy-Ear Princess, copyright Beabe Thompson


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