Passionate Positive Action in the face of numbness and tragedy

We southern Texas residents are still feeling a little numb weeks after Hurricane Harvey. The hours spent watching weather reports as it came ashore, the destruction of Rockport, the flooding of Houston and Beaumont, the reservoirs opened up and more devastating flooding happened. Homelessness. Lost vehicles. Loss of income. It’s been called a Thousand Year Flood.

Then Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and parts of the Carribean suffered. And another hurricane that left a US Territory, Puerto Rico, in ruins, its people suffering at catastrophic levels. Wildfires in the western United States. And that’s just the US. How can a mind not be numb with worry, stress, fear, despair?

How can we help ease the suffering of our fellow human beings?

For those of us untouched in the Harvey floods in Houston, a survivor’s guilt set in. Why did my house not flood, yet my friend lost almost everything? Armies of volunteers organized and went out to rescue the stranded, feed first responders and Harvey survivors. Volunteers came from all over the United States armed with good hearts and willing hands.

Millions of dollars were raised to ease the suffering.

When in a time of crisis, good people act. We cannot see our brothers and sisters in danger, hungry, homeless, without feeling the need to reach out. Maybe it means donating a few dollars to a worthwhile disaster/charitable organization. Maybe it means driving or flying to where you can pitch in. Or donating blood. Perhaps contacting your Congressional senators or representatives to urge them to send federal aid.

By acting, the feeling of powerlessness is lessened. By showing love and care, we show passionate, positive action. That’s my motto of the day: Passionate Positive Action in the face of numbness and tragedy.

I got ready for today and turned on the morning news, only to see videos about the worst mass shooting in United States¬†history. Words fail me, but I want to help. I don’t know how, but we as a people will find a way. Please be kind to each other out there.

With love,


Harvey Damage with cr
A gutted house in Houston, damaged by flood waters. copyright beabe thompson

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