Our Furkids, Tucker and Pete


Tucker and Pete both came to us as rescues from local animal rescues. Tucker was a twice surrendered Poodle mix who was looking for a comfy lap and lots of food. Lots of food. The Poodle rescue volunteer had us pegged when she brought him out to meet us. With a crooked lower jaw and a Napoleon Complex, he quickly became a family member.

Tucker was emaciated, wounded and frightened when a rescue worker showed me his cage. I had been searching for a brother or sister for another furkid, Shelly. Pete was too pitiful to leave behind. As he ate his way through antique furniture, household wood trim, and treats, he gradually added weight. He ate so much antique furniture that his teeth started falling out later from damage. Doesn’t slow down his eating.

Both are excellent if not tolerant travelers and campers.


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